March Break Camps in Ottawa

March Break Camps in Ottawa - SavvyMom

March Break is an exciting time for kids, with a variety of fun March Break camps in Ottawa designed to cater to a wide range of interests and ages. Whether your child is interested in sports, arts, science, or adventure, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a roundup of some fun camps that will keep your kids happy and engaged this March Break 2024.

Explore The Best March Break Camps in Ottawa

City of Ottawa: These camps offer activities for children of all ages, including a variety of sports, arts, and swimming.  With a City of Ottawa recreation complex in every area of Ottawa you can stay close to home or head out to a new location for something new!

University of Ottawa Gee-Gees: Open to children aged 6 to 13, these bilingual camps offer multi-sport and soccer activities, providing a fun and engaging environment for participants. They will also love getting to play and learn from some of the amazing university athletes!

Carleton Athletics: Carleton University hosts sports camps to keep kids active during their March Break, including lifesaving camps, sports day programs, and high-performance camps for various age groups and interests. Whether you are looking to become a lifeguard or want to try a variety of new to you sports there are hours of fun to be had at these camps!

Ottawa Gymnastics Centre: Offers gymnastics, trampoline, games, and crafts camps for ages 5-12. These day camps are designed to fill your child’s day with active play and fun challenges【9†source】.

Atlético de Madrid: Soccer enthusiasts aged U7 to U13 can enjoy a camp designed to train like professionals with Atlético de Madrid’s methodology with great coaching and lots of fun. This camp is held at the RA Centre.

Ottawa Senators: Hockey camps for various skill levels and ages, focusing on ice skills, puck control, power skating, and full-day camps for a comprehensive player development experience with options in the West End of Ottawa and the East End.

Ottawa March Break Camps offer a fantastic avenue for children to delve into their interests, acquire new skills, and forge lasting friendships during the March Break. With a diverse array of choices spanning athletic pursuits, outdoor adventures, artistic creation, and scientific exploration, there’s a camp to captivate every young mind in the Ottawa area. Whether your child dreams of scoring goals, painting masterpieces, coding the next big app, or exploring the great outdoors, these camps present an opportunity for fun, learning, and personal growth during the school break.


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