Minnow’s Five Things


There was a lot in politics that caught my attention this week. Not all of it was good.
1. The unimaginable bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon leave so much to discuss and wonder. What I found amazing was the ability of the American people to stay positive in the wake of such an event. The belief that good will always trump evil is a very powerful one and will help many through such a traumatic time. This poignant statement from comedian Patton Oswalt, which went viral on Facebook soon after the bombing, expresses this sentiment well. It’s an important message to retain when considering how to talk to your kids about the attack. Alyson Schafer (one of our own Savvy Experts) wrote a piece for the Huffington Post which provides step-by-step instructions on how to talk to your kids about Boston. Bottom line, young kids don’t need to know about such inhumanity yet. Let them feel safe and secure in their worlds for now. Maybe that will help instill the faith in humanity they’ll need to get through such times when they are older.

2. On a more entertaining note, President Obama took time from his responsibilities of running the Western world to meet with the Kid President. You remember I introduced you to the Kid President with this video a few months ago? Well this time the Kid President was actually able to sit right in the President’s seat, shake his hand and discuss politics—or third grade math. I’m still not quite sure what the agenda was but there were some thoughtful messages about kindness and changing the world. Watch it with your kids, they’ll like it.

3. Speaking of an agenda…do you think our beloved mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, ever has one? I’m pretty sure him walking into the camera and getting hit in the face was not part of the plan. Despite the fact that the video went viral, I don’t think this is the kind of attention he was looking for.

Moms Demand Action

4. Back to US politics. Maybe President Obama should speak to the Kid President about these ads—just released from a group called Moms Demand Action! The statement is very strong in its simplicity—books like Little Red Riding Hood, Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and dodgeballs have all been banned in America to keep kids safe. But guns have not been made illegal to protect kids.

5. Less political, but equally as important is the message being shared through Dove’s latest campaign and viral video, Real Beauty Sketches. Watch this video, it’s beautiful and powerful. Share it with your daughters.

Finally, a good luck wish to our friend Marlowe (of Marlowe & tHe MiX) who has been nominated for a Juno this weekend in the category of Best Children’s Album of the Year. Go Marlowe!


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