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This week there was a lot that caught my attention—from the rock/porn star formerly known as Hannah Montana, to creative breakfasts, the cost of raising a child and Max, the autistic child who was a victim of hate (read my last blog post if you missed the story).
1. I couldn’t get that letter out of my head. It is still so difficult to accept that another human being, let alone another mother, is capable of such hate and ignorance. This response, written by Max’s mom (who incidentally, has multiple sclerosis) made me feel better. I hope it does the same for you. The support of community can make such a difference—this fundraising initiative is a perfect example.

2. I wonder what Max’s mom would have to say about the report released a week ago from the Fraser Institute claiming that it’s possible to raise a child in Canada for $3,000 to $4,500 a year. An article in the Globe and Mail outlining this highly controversial topic refers to other studies that estimate the number is closer to $10,000 to $15,000 a year. I hate to admit that math has never been my strength (neither has budgeting) so I’ve never sat down to figure out the cost of raising my kids. Have you? Does measuring input require metrics on output? That could get dangerous.


3. What about sweat equity? Surely time spent with your kids is as valuable as the financial commitment—but how is that measured? I am reminded of comedian Louis C.K.’s words of encouragement to dads on spending more time with your kids: Be a dad. Don’t be ‘mom’s assistant.’ That’s depressing, just waiting for her to write you a list, walk around a store staring at it, calling her from the cereal aisle to make sure you got the right thing. Be a man. Make your own list. Fathers have skills that they never use at home. You run a landscaping business and you can’t dress and feed a 4-year-old? Take it on. Spend time with your kids and have your own ideas about what they need. It won’t take away your manhood; it will give it to you. I did that. I spent more time with my kids. And I found out that I’m a pretty bad father. I make a lot of mistakes and I don’t know what I’m doing. But my kids love me. Go figure.


4. Speaking of good dads, one way to feel like a great parent is to make an awesome breakfast to start your kids’ days off right. We have some inspiring recipes in our breakfast gallery, but this one did not make the list. This sweet little rice sculpture of a teddy bear wrapped in a warm omelette with a thin slice of cheese for the pillow is weird but amazing at the same time. I can’t for the life of me imagine the return on your investment with this breakfast.


5. Maybe Hannah Montana was served this as a child when she worked for Disney? Just add Mickey ears and you’re good to go. And that is all I have to say about that young lady. I won’t even write her real name because I am tired of the discussion that has populated the internet for the last three days, and refuse to give it any more air time. Surely we have other things to talk about.


Have a good week!



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