Minnow’s Five Things


It’s that time of year when we get caught up with stuff. Between Black Friday deals and the holiday shopping season, the marketing engines are all revved up and every single ‘must-have’ item is out there for us to buy and have. Here is some ‘stuff’ that caught my attention this week.
1. GoldieBlox, the absolute most popular and talked about toy on the market right now, is generating all kinds of attention. They make building blocks targeted at girls, with the tag line ‘Toys for Future Inventors’ (i.e. toys for smart girls). Everyone loves the concept, but it’s their marketing video that has converted parents and kids into fans everywhere (with over 8 million YouTube hits on their original video). But as of two days ago, they have been making new headlines. They’re now in a legal battle with the Beastie Boys over the rights to the theme song in the video, (which has since been removed). According to this article by tech blogger Felix Salmon, these Silicon Valley Goldie girls might not be playing by the rules. There could be another lesson here for girls. Don’t try to rewrite all the rules—learn how to play in the sandbox first. Below is the original commercial with the Beastie Boys song ‘Girls’.
2. How about that new can’t-live-without UV toothbrush sanitizer? Despite the hefty claim that it will keep your mouth 99.9% free of germs, bacteria and disease (and they can prove that?), it’s tough to understand why—unless we’re dropping our toothbrushes in the toilet? Toothbrushes have been around since as early as the 600’s (in China) and the first mass-produced models were available in Europe in 1780. I hate to get in the way of progress, but I do wonder about our germaphobe culture. These are disposable $2 items, after all. You should change your toothbrush after you have a cold. That much I know. Maybe this handy toothbrush bobble stand is a better alternative—so your toothbrush doesn’t land where it’s not supposed to.

UV Cleaner

3. I do like this multi-purpose water bottle. It’s a great gift idea for the gym rat in your life or to put in your own stocking. I found them at Target, and nobody paid me to say that. I found them all by myself.

Contigo Water Bottle

4. I didn’t find these Canadian-made bullet proof vests at Target, but I did read about them recently in The Globe and Mail. They are exactly what they sound like—three piece suits made to shield businessmen from getting shot to death. It’s all very James Bond. But it begs the question, is there a market for this product (unless you’re a spy or a drug king pin)? The article quotes businessmen who travel frequently to dangerous parts of the world (Africa, Columbia) and worry about returning home safely. The technology to produce these suits is amazing. The fact that they are in demand, not so much.

Bullet Proof Suit

5. Finally, the big Mack Toffee Holiday Boxes from Nestle are back. It’s actually exciting on so many levels. They’re delicious, they bring you back to your childhood, they can be used in so many recipes and they are only available in Canada. That’s pretty cool. American’s are crossing the border to purchase this chewy and creamy toffee sensation. I love that. And look how much Sarah loves it—she can’t wait to make us her mother-in-law’s famous toffee drops (which you can find on the back of the box).

Mack Toffee

Have a great week.



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