Mommy’s Little Helper

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Every mom needs a helper and that helper can come in any shape or size. If the said helper is a happy one, even better.
Leave it to a former teacher and newly minted mom entrepreneur, Heidi Girvan (mom of three), to come up with Happy Helperz. It’s a brand spanking new company that makes products that help moms. But more importantly, it helps to mould our kids into the right kind of helpers we all dream of—happy ones.

Happy Helperz makes three organizational products that enable children of all ages to learn to take responsibility for themselves and their belongings. They foster independence by empowering kids to do things on their own. That, in turn, builds self-esteem, confidence and happy children—who help their mom.

Take the Self Set Placemat ($7.99) as an example. It gives the kids a project to do while you scramble to get food on the table. These mats help them learn to set the table and use utensils properly (always good to know).

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