My Three Favourite Family-Friendly Cookbooks from 2012


If I had found nothing but cookbooks under the Christmas tree this year, I wouldn’€™t have been the slightest bit disappointed. The ones I have are among my most prized possessions, and I add to my collection far more often than my husband probably approves of. After all, there is a limit to how many bookshelves I can fit in my small urban home.

This past year had a slew of stellar cookbooks and several of them were geared to cooking for and with a family. Here is a list of some of my family-favourite publications that I think might be worth adding to your home collection. They are in heavy rotation around my house and one of them even sits on my bedside table because the stories in it alone are worth the purchase price’€”even if you don’€™t ever cook from it.

Dinner: A Love Story
By Jenny Rosenstrach

Although this book landed on my doorstep last June, I’€™ve yet to officially file it away on my bookshelf. Instead, I keep it on my bedside table, coffee table or kitchen counter so that it’€™s always within arms reach. The recipes are simple and clever, but it’€™s really the stories of parenting’€”and sharing food with family’€”that have me reading passages over and over again.

Desserts in Jars: 50 Sweet Treats that Shine
By Shaina Olmanson

Serving food in jars was a popular trend in 2012 and I don’€™t see it going away anytime soon. Shaina’€™s creative collection of sweets served in glass vessels is inspiring, family-friendly and the perfect way to get the kids in the kitchen with you. Combining favourite, yet traditional desserts, with playful and decadent original ideas, the recipes are accompanied by the author’€™s gorgeous photography. I’€™m partial to the chapter at the back of the book dedicated to edible gifts and will certainly reference it when it comes time to make something for the teachers or the grandparents.

The Homemade Pantry
By Alana Chernila

I loved this book so much that I featured it on the blog a few months ago. It’€™s authoritative, practical and down-to-earth, and convinces home cooks that making their own pantry staples is far easier, and fun, than they might expect. If you’€™re concerned about feeding packaged snacks to your kids, this book will help you figure out how to make some of your familiy’€™s favourite treats at home.


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