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A Bright Birthday Party Idea: GlowSport


GlowSport is a new, unique and fun place in Ottawa that will put a bright, neon-covered twist on traditional birthday parties for kids. If you think your child would love a glowing Nerf Gun battle party, or a glow skating birthday party, here’s how to find out more about GlowSport in Ottawa and how you can book your next birthday party.

With locations in Ottawa and Metcalfe (including their newest location in Nepean) Ottawa-area residents will find something completely unique with GlowSport. We love how many different types of parties they have for kids, and many of the birthday party packages can accommodate larger groups of people, depending on which one you select.

Every party includes exciting music, supplies, and staff support. You can arrange for pizza and food to be provided or bring in your own food as each party includes time in the party room and table set up.

We love the different options available to kids with various interests—from sporty activities to creative painting birthday parties. Before you book your next birthday party, here are some of the different types of GlowSport parties your child can choose from.

Glow Skating or Hockey on Ice

Available only at the Stittsville-Kanata location, the skating or hockey party will light up the rink with glow-in-the dark colours and upbeat family-friendly music to skate to.  During a two hour party, the first hour will be spent enjoying glow skate or to play glow hockey. Then, during the second hour there is time for cake, food and gifts in the party room.

Nerf Gun Battle

The battleground will be set with camoflage netting, and each player is armed with Nerf guns and goggles for a truly original birthday party experience. This intense and exciting match is family-friendly. There’s fast-paced music to set the scene and prepare participants for their battle. Each party can have fifteen to twenty people. These birthday parties also include time for cake, presents and food at the end and some packages include pizzas for hungry combatants. The Glow Nerf Gun Battle is available at various locations.

Glow Paint Birthday Party

For something completely different, choose a glow paint party. Each participant will get to create a picture on canvas. In addition to glowing pictures, you can kick off the party with glow in the dark face paint for guests. This messy and creative fun will also have music playing to help creative minds. There is time for cake, food and gifts in the party room when the mini artists are ready at the end of the party as well. This birthday is offered at the Metcalfe location.

Sports Birthday Party

If your child is excited about a unique glow-in-the-dark experience, but may not be ready for a full Nerf Gun battle, getting active with a sports-themed party may be the best fit. Your child can select from different sporting options, including soccer, hand ball, mini sticks or dodge ball and the games will be integrated into the party time.

Toddler Party

For the youngest glow-in-the-dark enthusiasts, the toddler party will be a fun, energetic option. They’ll enjoy glow-in-the-dark face paint and glowing balls to throw around the room will keep them active. Then, spend time enjoying cake, food and presents.  This birthday theme is available at the Metcalfe location.

No matter which party you end up choosing, we think your kids will light up with excitement that this very original birthday party option.


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