OgoSport 15” Mezo-Disk

SavvyMom July 26, 2016
Indigo Exclusive OgoSport 15” Mezo-Disk

Simple is always best, especially in summer. Send the kids outside to toss a ball around…kinda. We’re loving this Mezo-Disk game, where players use flat, round foam rings to bat a koosh ball back and forth. The disks are big and soft enough to be easy for little hands to grip, and the koosh ball is squishy and low-impact. But they won’t be getting bored—it’s possible to get the ball flying up to 150 feet, and the disks make good projectiles too. (Good to know: they float!). If older kids find the koosh too tame, try playing with water balloons instead. ($40, available online and in stores at Indigo)

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