Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


You knew you were signing up for a lot of things when you became a mom (nutrition consultant, boo-boo fixer, potty trainer, chauffeur). But did you know you were soon to be crowned Julie McCoy Family Cruise Director too?
As soon as that baby starts toddling (while you’re still trying to max out naptime), you’re on the hook for planning mandatory family fun adventures. And you better get good at it because it lasts all the way through the teenage years. Creating special family memories—if only just to keep everyone away from their cell phones (adults included)—and getting everyone out and about for excursions is at the top of your list of duties.

But unless you’re trained as an event planner or a travel agent, it takes a lot of research, starting with where to get the goods on the best family outings. And since we’re all about giving you the goods at SavvyMom, today we’re launching GoSavvy, a powerful event finder that will help you find out what’s going on in your town (or one you may be visiting this summer).


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