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A Capital Thanks


Thanksgiving means spending time with family and eating turkey. So plan a family outing. Ottawa is filled with amazing places to romp with the rellies and delight in the changing of the seasons.

We like to feed the birds along the NCC hiking trails. Our fave is easily the Sarsaparilla Trail, a one kilometer loop just off Richmond Road and north of Hunt Club Road. The chickadees there will eat right out of your hand (pro tip: buy their favourites, black sunflower seeds, at the bulk food store), and you might be able to tempt a few chipmunks or blue jays out of hiding as well. Bring a little stale bread to feed the ducks and geese that hang out in the small pond on the route.

If you’re up for something a little more adventurous, there’s nothing that showcases Ottawa in autumn better than the trails in Gatineau Park. The Pink Lake Trail takes about an hour to circumnavigate the lake and features gorgeous views, stunning fall colours and great family photo ops. It’s suitable for anyone up for a good walk. Got some pumpkin pie to work off? Take the family on a bike ride up to Champlain Lookout—it’s a bit of a tough climb up to the top, but the view and the wild ride down are worth it.

There’s so much more to do in the city over Thanksgiving weekend.

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