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The turkey and stuffing leftovers are officially gone—which is tragic, if you ask us, because we secretly love those nights when dinner is as easy as re-heating leftovers. If you’re not ready to get back into the kitchen and cook from scratch either, a new service in Ottawa can take all the pain out of the process. Chef’s Plate lets you create a home cooked meal without having to think, plan or shop.

We love the whole sign-up process, which is all done on their website and could not be easier. Just view the weekly menu and pick out two or three dinners, fill in your address and billing info, and pick a delivery date. When the day rolls around, you’ll find prepared ingredients delivered to your door in a cooler box, ready to be tossed into a pan or pot and turned into a chef-quality dinner in minutes.

Everything you’ll need, from spices to garnishes to side dishes, is included. It’s a definite treat for the cook of the house to have the ingredients pre-measured and laid out for you, plus there’s never that moment when you discover that you accidentally sent the carrots you need for dinner in today’s school lunches.

And the taste? Who knew we were capable of producing restaurant-quality meals. We absolutely recommend the Maple Glazed Salmon, which was served on a bed of tasty lentils that our kids actually ate. And nothing could be easier to throw together—or more delicious to savour—than the Mexican Burrito Bowl, which took just 20 minutes to make a complete meal that everyone enjoyed. So much better than our traditional ‘busy night’ dinner of frozen chicken nuggets!

Once you’re enrolled, you can sit back and let the meals come to you—you can rely on your profile preferences to select the dinners your family will like most, or go in each week and manually pick from the menu. Cancel or skip a week at any time—it’s that simple. Other than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, we may never break a sweat in the kitchen again.

Less time in the kitchen = more time for play. So why not hit up a pumpkin patch this weekend? 



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