Etiquette with Julie


We’ve all heard of them: kids who politely greet adults, graciously say please and thank you, and who sit calmly at the table, using their forks and knives. Now your own children can actually become one of these amazing mythical creatures, with a little training from etiquette guru Julie Blais Comeau at Savoir-Faire.

We’ll be first in line to sign up our grade-schoolers and preteens for her two hour workshop, Manners Matter, which runs in early October. Kids are sure to be surprised by the greeters—life-sized cut outs of William and Kate, who expect a proper introduction (and who make for a sweet course keepsake in the form of a take-home photo). Then it’s on to conversations and compliments, where kids learn how to listen, how to ask questions, and how to keep a conversation going. Julie uses games and props to keep things lively and keep kids engaged (and, apparently, to work miracles). Good to Know: Julie also does school events and other group sessions, like Guides and Scouts.

In the second half of the workshop, kids will sit down at a properly set table and learn the manners of eating—how to properly work a knife and fork, how a place setting works, and how to politely ask your neighbour to please pass the salt. A small snack is served so they can get in some practice. We’re thinking they’ll be correcting us around the dinner table in no time.

Lastly, they will learn how to write a caring and thoughtful thank-you note by writing an actual letter to someone who has helped them recently. We have a feeling Julie will be getting a few polite thank-you’s of her own soon.

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  1. Gabriela on August 18, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Hi, do you know if this workshop (Etiquette for girls) is still offered? or anything else similar in Ottawa? I’m looking for something for my girls aged 9 and 7. thanks!

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