Find Belle Books at Ottawa’s Best French Bookstore


Bienvenue, classe! Just one week left until our little future Prime Ministers will be back in training, struggling to remember all those vocab words from French class. Give them a kickstart with some fabulous en français resources from Ottawa’s top bookstore, Le Coin Du Livre.

We’re hoping to stir up some excitement for school by taking a field trip to Le Coin, which features dozens and dozens of titles for all levels of French Immersion and Core French. There are storybooks featuring all your favourites like the adorable T’Choupi or Dora The Explorer for preschoolers, plus sweet little board books featuring Mes Amis Les Animaux for wee baby hands. There are stories perfect for reading out loud about Pretty Ponies and LEGO minifigures and Beatrix Potter, and there are so many beautiful nonfiction titles too, like books on Le Panda, L’Ocean and Les Dinosaurs for your little scientists.

We’re pretty sure even our school-adverse older kids will be lured into cracking a book when it features Geronimo Stilton, Skylanders, Pokemon, and the Littlest Pet Shop. Even those who prefer graphic novels will find tons of selection, from Garfield to Les Simpsons to Les Schtroumpfs (the Smurfs!). They’ll be learning without even realizing you’ve pulled a fast one.

You’ll even find activity books and educational worksheets to try, plus French language board games like Scattergories and Boggle, and a whole wall of DVDs for more interactive learning and fun. The only real hard part is choosing—but the helpful (and bilingual!) staff are on hand, and with everything in the store 15% off every day, we can stretch the budget to include a few bonus titles. It’ll be a happy back-to-school season this year—bonne lecture!

So they’re set for French class. Bonne. Get them set for the rest of their classes as we teach you How to Rule Back to School.



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