Imprint on Your Heart: Purdy Impressions

SavvyMom February 28, 2017

It’s a cliche for a reason—you really do blink and suddenly they’re not babies anymore. But you can keep the memory of those perfect baby fingers and toes alive with a beautiful casting by Purdy Impressions.

Here’s how it works: book a session with local artist Amanda Purdy, then head over to her house with child in hand, and she’ll work patiently and gently to take a casting of their hand, foot, or both. It’s a painless process that is surprisingly unmessy, leaving no residue behind. It can sometimes take a while to get a perfect casting from a squirmy child, but there’s no rush or pressure, and Amanda will make it happen.

Next, pick out a lovely shadowbox and decide if you’d like to add some extra mementos—a photograph, an engraved nameplate, their hospital bracelet or the baby hat they arrived home in are all great ideas that look amazing. A few weeks later, it will all come together into a unique and stunning piece of art for you to hang in your baby’s room.

Whether you’ve got a wee one who’s growing too fast or grandparents to shop for, we’ve got 13 Cool Kids’ Stores in Ottawa where you’ll want to buy more.


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