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Tiger Woods may have been golfing as a toddler, but here in Ottawa there are few opportunities for little ones to get into this fun sport. Golf lovers, take heart—now there’s a new way to pique your children’s interest in going green, with FootGolf at Thunderbird Sports Centre.

It’s a simple idea: all the rules of golf apply, but feet in running shoes and a number 5 soccer ball take the place of the usual clubs and golf balls. On Thunderbird’s small par 3 course, even the shortest-legged soccer novice will be able to successfully steer the ball from the tee to the (much bigger!) hole, which is usually just off the regular green. No need to worry about flying golf balls; FootGolf runs on Tuesday evenings when regular golfers are not allowed.

The lit course offers tee times late into the night for both FootGolf and, on other evenings, regular par 3 golf, but if daytime works best for you, you can book a special event. We love the idea of planning our next family reunion or birthday party with a side of FootGolf.

If your junior Jack Nicklaus is ready for something closer to the real thing, consider their new Little Thunderbird Golf Tour. Four training clinics run for kids aged 5 through 10, once monthly at nearby Kevin Haime Golf School. Then, head over to Thunderbird each Saturday for a little tournament, complete with prizes, custom hats and shirts. We’ve also got our eye on their summer day camps—a whole week of golf mixed with other fun sports like archery, basketball, volleyball, and of course, FootGolf.

By foot or by club, we’ll be out hitting the links and making the most of spring, summer, and fall.

Looking for more ways to keep the kiddos busy this summer? Our 14 Awesome Summer Camps in Ottawa are here for you.


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