Lice Isn’t Nice


It’€™s a rite of passage for every parent but that doesn’€™t mean the first sight of a bug crawling through your child’€™s hair won’€™t induce a state of panic. You don’€™t have to fight the lice alone, call in the professionals.
Lice Squad serves the Ottawa area at both their Westboro clinic and with their in-home mobile service. The ‘€˜Lice Ladies’€™ use a combination of conditioner and their secret enzyme shampoo to kill the live nits and break the bond between the eggs and the hair. We love that pesticide-free products are used instead of harsh chemicals. Consider investing in the shampoo and the large metal louse trap comb for your own use next time’€”because with kids, there will be a next time!

Lice Squad isn’€™t just a lifesaver for kids; parents get lice too. While we can spend hours combing through a child’€™s hair looking for miniscule nit eggs, someone needs to do the same for us. At a cost of $70 an hour (plus a travel fee for their mobile service), consider it an investment in money and time. They’€™re quick and efficient’€”carefully working to remove all the lice eggs while simultaneously teaching parents about prevention and hair care maintenance.

For moms and dads dealing with lice for the first time, this squad gets our nod as an invaluable resource. For more invaluable hair care solutions, check out these 4 Great Grooming Services in Ottawa.

Tested by Brie M., Ottawa


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