Pedal Power


Imagine crouching over the back of a knee-high bicycle and running alongside your child, (holding on but letting go, holding on…letting go) then shouting words of encouragement while trying not to look like a giant chicken. There’s that…or let someone else take all the glamour at Pedalheads Day Camps. The people there can’t wait to show your kids all the wonderful things their wheels can do.

Enthusiastic, experienced camp leaders have one major goal: to help kids become safe, controlled bike riders. There are ten different experience levels, ensuring that there’s something for every child to learn. Riders as young as two years old will be taught how to pedal and steer their tricycles with confidence. Preschoolers will finally get those training wheels off, saving you from living the rest of your life with a hunchback.

There’s plenty for older kids to learn too: road safety (complete with test rides around quiet neighbourhoods), learning to manage and use gears, basic bike maintenance and the basics of mountain bike competitive riding can all be part of the curriculum.

One week with Pedalheads and you won’t have to worry about your kids biking to school or wheeling a few streets over to the park.

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