Smartkart Grocery Delivery


There are always going to be days when you just can’t handle the thought of getting your babies dressed, out the door, into their car seats and five-point harnesses…all for a trip to the grocery store. So treat yourself (and the kids) and stay cocooned inside while Smartkart does your grocery shopping for you, and brings it all right to your door.

Head over to their website and browse through an impressively wide selection of products available from the Smartkart shopping partners—Loblaws, the LCBO (hooray!) and even Costco—a major score for non-members and those of us who hate their terrible parking lot. Pick out exactly what you want, right down to specific instructions about produce (hard avocados, not soft ones, please!). Don’t see what you want, but know it’s in stock? There’s even a place to specify a custom item, and their shoppers will do their best to root it out.

When your cart is ready, select a delivery time and place, pay securely online, and in as little as two hours, everything you need will be at your door. We’re a little fussy about our groceries, and appreciate that if there’s any doubt about the shopping list, Smartkart employees will give you a quick call from the store to double check.

We love the convenience, but we’re also happy with the way it keeps our family’s meal plan on track. The next time someone eats the leftover chicken for lunch—that we were planning on making into soup for dinner—we’ll be able to get replacement ingredients stat, instead of just reaching for another frozen pizza. And the next time the minivan is in the shop, but we’re out of milk? Well, guess who’s coming to dinner? Smartkart.

And for those nights when cooking is not happening, groceries or no, we’ve got 10 Family-Friendly Restaurants in Ottawa for you.




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