The Game Plan


We love family game night, but after a thousand games of Sorry, it’€™s time for a game change. Monopolatte is a funky, fun new cafe in Chinatown that gives you access to a library of thousands of board games, with an economical, family-friendly menu to give game night a little something extra special.
The cafe’€™s shelves are stuffed to the brim with boxes’€”so you can take dozens of games for a spin, leaving room on your shelves at home for the real gems. There are classics, such as Candy Land and Mouse Trap, as well as trippy throwbacks to your youth, like Sweet Valley High and Pogs. You’€™ll also find rarities, such as Green Eggs and Ham and Star Wars Game of Life. We spent an hour squealing over Poppa’€™s Pizza Pile-Up, and Whac-A-Mole is a new contender for our preschooler’€™s birthday list. Of course, there’s also a half dozen variations of the game that lends its name to the cafe’€”Monopoly.

All that game playing working up an appetite? If you’re between meals, consider a veggies-and-dip platter or a hummus sampler for the table. For dinner, kids can try the classic grilled cheese, while adults can savour the delicious grown-up version, with brie, pear and honey. There are juices or hot chocolate for the young ones (watch for flying elbows, though), and mom and dad can sip a cappuccino, gourmet tea or even’€”if you’€™re losing’€”a glass of wine to ease the pain. When it’€™s time for dessert, treat the kids to Monopolatte’s candy-and-chocolate platter.

Good to Know: Monopolatte charges a $5 cover per person, except on Mondays. If you’€™re nervous about mixing food and game pieces, you can feel comfortable spending a couple of hours at the cafe just checking out their games library.

We’€™d call that an evening that’€™s right at the top of your game. If you’€™re looking for more great cafes, check out these 6 Must-Visit Cafes in Ottawa.

Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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