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If you’€™re like us, you want to encourage your daughters to stay on the move. Whether they’€™re running, jumping or dancing, they only want to wear one kind of clothing: lululemon.
That’€™s why a loud squeal of delight was made when we learned that ivivva (the popular kids’€™ line of clothing by lululemon) was opening a pop-up shop in Ottawa for the holiday season. With workout wear as small as size 4, their unique yoga and dance outfits are on our gift lists for both our preschooler and her older sister.

We absolutely love their signature hoodies. It’€™s the little touches that make them so practical’€”thick cozy fabric that resists smell, thumb hooks, an inside name tag and a zipper pull made from one of their no-slip hair elastics for ponytail emergencies. Girls will insist on the reversible rhythmic tights for gymnastics; they’€™ll like the stretch, seamless fit and secret inside pocket for a tissue or some lip balm. Moms will like the fortified seams that mean that too-short pants can be simply sliced off into crops with no threat of fraying. And their skirts’€”frilly, sparkly and with a smart shorts liner’€”gave our youngest instant dreams of becoming the next Elizabeth Manley.

ivivva’€™s pop-up shop is on the lowest level of Bayshore Mall and it’€™s open until the end of January. We plan to be there every Sunday at 9 am for their yoga and dance classes’€”and to pick up an extra wish list item or two. Santa’€™s elves couldn’€™t do any better.

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Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa


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