We’re Being Fair and Square: Totally Squared in Ottawa

SavvyMom November 28, 2016

This is no time to worry about what others think of your culinary capabilities. We know it’s hip to get help from Totally Squared, Ottawa’s established experts in the latest trend in retro party food: the classic square.

We love that you can order your party treats online and have them delivered for a small fee inside the Ottawa area. The only stressful part about the entire process is trying to choose a flavour. Their buttertart squares are quite well known (you’ll soon see, or rather taste, why) and the shortbread crust (available in gluten-free) makes them even better than the traditional version, and much less messy. Their Blondies are seriously irresistible to dessert-lovers of all ages, while the cranberry walnut squares offer a refined, grown-up mix of sweet and tart. Those with a serious sweet tooth are advised to zero in on the truly decadent double chocolate caramel squares. If the choices overwhelm you, we say just throw up your hands in defeat and order the surefire hit: the variety box.

If you wish to see them for yourself, you can pick up your order at their storefront in Bells Corners or catch them this weekend at the Fisher Park Craft Fair or Chinatown Craft Walk. If you watch the Facebook page you might find some flash deals on overstock at their shop.

Don’t be a square. Get totally squared. (P.S. We know 7 more Great Places to Find Sweet Treats in Ottawa.)



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