Where to Go Sledding in Ottawa


Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining about December’s lovely warm weather, but we’re happy to finally see some snow. Don’t hide inside—grab a sled and head out to one of these top sledding hills in Ottawa.

Gloucester has some of the best tobogganing in town, and our fave spot is Green’s Creek, in the NCC land off of Bearbrook Road. It features a nice tall hill with wide open runs for good speed, but it’s also safely protected from the river with a high embankment. It’s lit at night so early sunsets are not a problem, and there’s both parking and outhouses in the P26 parking lot nearby.

A great east end choice for families with young kids, Ski Hill Park off Naskapi in Gloucester has multiple levels and features lots of natural, gentle bends and slopes. The city grooms the hill to make sure that embankments keep sledders well within bounds. Parking is at Le Phare Elementary School nearby.

If big thrills are what you’re after, we recommend Carlington Park in Westboro…if you dare. A retired ski hill, Carlington has the steepest, fastest runs in town, plus a cool old chairlift to explore. Local sledders often carve out jumps and twists and turns for extra fun. Park at the nearby Dulude Arena on Clyde and prepare for a (well rewarded) hike up.

If you’re located in the west end, the big hill in Walter Baker Park rules the sledding world and should not be missed. It’s a big man-made hill with one of the longest runs in town, and if you’re skilled on the sled, you can take your toboggan halfway across the park before stopping. We especially love the steep start that makes it a perfect launching place for multi-passenger sleds—so don’t just wait at the bottom, climb on up and hop in the back. Parking is plentiful at the Kanata Rec Centre next door, and the hill is lit so you can keep sledding until long past dinnertime.

Want more? Satisfy your need for speed at these other hills in town.

It’s all downhill from here.


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