12 Ways to Cure Your Lunch Making Blues


Let’s face it, packing lunches isn’t the most relaxing task, especially when you’re facing picky eaters, possible allergies and a variety of school board policies to adhere to. With four full months of lunch making already under our belts this school year, we know it can feel uninspiring each time you find yourself facing an empty lunchbox.

In order to keep motivated, we’re attacking the New Year with new lunch box recipes, each one designed to cure you of your lunch making blues. From old favourites like chia chicken strips, which can be tucked into wraps or slipped into sandwiches, to new inspiration like our baked turkey taco triangles, we’re forking over our favourite ideas to take the stress out of packing the midday meal this season. Keep reading for a few of our faves.

Crunchy Chicken Salad on Raisin Bread 
Give the boot to bland and boring sandwich fillings, and spice things up with a crunchy chicken salad stuffed with crisp apple chunks, sunflower seeds, and chopped celery. Spread over slices of raisin bread and top with lettuce for a flavourful alternative to a classic lunch box fave.

Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese 
In-season sweet potatoes are blended with milk and cheese to make a simple sauce for pasta shells that’s a healthier alternative to this decidedly kid-friendly dish. Store leftovers in the fridge, and serve in a thermos throughout the week.

We’ve got more recipes that are guaranteed to make sure those lunch boxes come home empty every time. See them here.



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