A Sunny Smile


We all remember that first time. The day we thought we were the cleverest kid on the block and the first one to put an orange peel on the front of our mouths and smile that big orange citrusy smile. “Look Mom!” (Sounds like “mmmmm, mmmmm”.)
Well, the cool kids around the world are still doing it and Sunkist is calling on all Canadians to share their sunny smiles as part of an international photo competition that will benefit the Special Olympics. To commemorate “100 Years of Sunkist”, Canadians are encouraged to break out their cameras and start slicing oranges, stick them in their mouths and take a shot for the biggest citrus-themed event of its kind.

Citrus lovers from nine countries—including Canada, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan—are being invited to submit original photos of themselves with a creative “Sunkist Smile” (read: orange wedge in the mouth). Each time an eligible submission is received, Sunkist will make a donation of 100 cents to the Special Olympics, up to $50,000.


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