A Twist on Tobogganing

Tubing Hill in Ottawa

If all goes well, you’ve got about six weeks left to make the most of winter in Ottawa. If you haven’t tried tubing, now is the time to get your boots on and jump on.

What is tubing, you ask? Imagine yourself at the top of a snowy hill. Now plunk yourself down into a large, bouncy inner tube, with your legs and arms draped over its sides. Scoot forward until you start to slide. Enjoy the ride!

In Ottawa, we’re spoiled for choice: there are at least four places (three of them ski hills) offering this fabulous winter activity that provides just the right level of adrenalin for kids. Choose your level of excitement, with runs ranging from mildly sloping hills to steeper, curvier runs that will have your inner tube spinning so you finish the ride backwards.

First, some tips on making the most of your outing:

  • Pack lots of snacks.
  • If your kids are old enough to ride the lift on their own, stuff a granola bar and some Kleenex in their pockets so they can snack and clean up their noses on the fly.
  • Bring money for the inevitable hot chocolate break back at the lodge, or fill your own Thermos with some before you set out.
  • Extra mitts are always a good idea, as are helmets.

How many hours are you good for? It really depends on your children’s ages, stamina and interest, but most will want to keep going for two or three hours. At all the places mentioned below, tubing is generally only open weekends and school holidays, so call ahead to check on availability.


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