All Taste, No Allergens


It’s a nut, dairy, wheat, egg, gluten and soy loving world—which is just fine for many of us, but what happens when you discover you shouldn’t be eating those foods?
The news that you or your child may be allergic to some or all of these common and much-loved foods can seem catastrophic at first. What on earth are you going to eat? Or in the case of your child, what on earth are you going to cook?

Families do adapt and find solutions, but there’s no glory in doing things the hard way. If you’re struggling with food allergies in your family, you can get a nearly instant education (or re-education) from Shirley Plant, an Ottawa author and dietary consultant who specializes in menus and recipes for people with allergies or intolerances.

Plant runs Delicious Alternatives, an Ottawa business that consults with such families to help them make the most of what they can still eat (and discover new ideas as well). A consultation can cover everything from locating nearby health food stores to understanding substitutes and alternatives to label-reading and menu planning.


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