Booty It Up

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Have you ever found yourself cutting up a whole head of broccoli, nagging the kids to eat it all, then realizing belatedly that they actually did—while you had none? Or hauling the kids all over town for sports and other exercise, but getting none yourself.
If so, then you may be at risk of self-neglect.

Exercise shouldn’t be just another chore for your task list. Think of it as a sanity break and investment in your health and longevity. If no one bought you a series of boot camp classes for Christmas, now’s the time to do it for yourself.

Why boot camp? Tanya Robertson, a personal trainer and boot camp instructor in Ottawa who runs Personalized Fitness, says boot camp is hot right now because people are busy, and they know they get more bang for their buck in a boot camp workout.

A boot camp workout is designed to work your whole body through sport drills, strength and stability exercises fused with plyometric and cardio sprint.

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