Whole Lotta Play


We all want to be great parents and spend quality time with our kids (while we marvel at their cuteness). But since our attention span is marginally longer than that of a two year-old, we quickly run out of activities we can enjoy together. This is why we love the concept of Wholeplay, a program that focuses on enhancing the parent-child relationship through play, education and support.
Wholeplay offers a complete approach to play, benefiting, uniting and involving both parent and child in deliberately small class sizes. Their inspired programs are created and run by Mary Elizabeth Picher, who has worked (and schooled) extensively in the children’s health field. Picher’s experiences led her to develop classes (which are held in Roncesvalles and Leslieville) that offer all the fun that you would expect for kids—music, tumbling, games and socializing—but with an equal focus on parental support.

In each class, a Child Development Specialist leads fun and physical parent-child play activities for the first half. The second half of the class centres on a parent discussion, focused on a topic related to healthy child development. If you’ve ever wondered about how to provide the best sensory play for your 6 month-old, curb separation anxiety in an 18 month-old or deftly deflate a temper tantrum in a 3 year-old, Wholeplay classes offer expert advice and sharing on these topics and dozens more.


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