Our Editor’s December Round Up


The first week of the New Year is already behind us but I feel like I’m still recovering from the craziness of December. You likely feel the same way if you had a busy holiday season but I hope some of the great content we sent out during the month helped you stay organized and ready.
I’m sure you perused our holiday gift guides and all the yummy recipes we posted on the blogs – but that’s not really helpful to you now. What I find myself referring back to still is the latest article on Colds and Flu (yes, we have all had a touch of something over the last month). If that’s not enough and you still need some extra help getting through cold and flu season, there is still a chance for you to win our wellness contest we ran throughout December because it’s still up. So if you haven’t had a chance to sign up, you should do so now.

Our experts never let us down and December was no exception. Sitting for a Meal, Healthy Snacks without Refined Sugar and Helping Them Hear You are all very important tricks to have any time of year. You don’t have to be an expert to know that.

My favourite article of the month (which will be fun to refer to again throughout the winter) is Fun with the Fluff. At SavvyMom we believe in embracing the elements and getting the most out of winter that we can. It’s really the only way to endure it. So you’ll find even more tips and solutions to getting through the winter with your hands and feet warm and a smile on your face in our upcoming Winter Fun Guide.

Finally, it’s a bit late to be sending a holiday wish to you, I know. But if you haven’t yet seen our Smilebox holiday greeting, it’s worth watching so you can see who all the amazing women (and their families) are behind the scenes at Savvy HQ.

Happy New Year and thanks for being such a great audience in December and the whole of 2010.


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