Break Free for the Break


Dear Kids,
We love you, we really do, and we always try hard to expose you to all the excellent events and activities that Ottawa has to offer, but sometimes Mom and Dad just can’t deal with the crowds. And this is one of those times.

So this year for March Break, we’re adding a few new ideas and trying to keep it low-key.

We’re also going to post this list on the fridge, not just to minimize the pester factor (pestering refers to the times that you ask us about things over and over and over again) but so you know what’s going on, too.

This week we’re going to:

  • Take the bus or ride the O-Train and visit Dad at work. If we time it right, maybe we can take him out for lunch.
  • Host an afternoon party for friends and teddy bears. I have a feeling you will really like cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. We’ll make invitations the day before and deliver them ourselves. Maybe we can bake something yummy (like these oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies).


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