All Geared Up


Of course we own rain gear—we live in Vancouver. But there are times when we feel like having something a little more than functional, because nothing cheers us up when it’s raining like something fashionable, fun and funky. If it’s made locally, even better.
That’s where Cheeky Umbrella comes in. These fab umbrellas offer our kids that extra bit of protection for days when you really need them to stay dry. Jen Zurowski, Cheeky Umbrella’s founder, has us covered (pun intended). Her umbrellas are highly visible, with white backgrounds, brightly-coloured designs, and reflective trim. Their fiberglass ribs and aluminum shaft make them lightweight, the rounded hook handle makes it easy for little hands to carry (or hang off a backpack), and rounded plastic tips mean that they are safe, too. We love the cheeky sayings on the outside of the umbrella like: “If you can read this, I’m not muddy enough”, “Warning: I splash!” and “Rain or shine, I’m still cute!”. At $28, these durable, kid-friendly umbrellas actually make staying dry fun.


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