Delegating Dinner Duty

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

According to an informal poll of our Twitter friends (you do know we’re tweeting at @savvymomdotca, right?), savvy moms wish they could do a little more delegating in the month of December, especially on the cooking front.
You’re hosting dinners for friends/family, cookie exchanges, and potlucks (not to mention the three square meals we’re supposed to be serving our families in between), so it’s easy to see how we can end up sobbing into our gravy-splattered oven mitts.

That’s where Epicuria Fine Food Store and Catering comes in. They’re set up to handle anything that we can’t.

Although it’s too late to place your order for a full turkey dinner, we can still take advantage of their fresh take-home dinners or raid their freezer full of frozen entrees. Epicuria freezer meals are a godsend on busy nights (which tend to pile up this time of year) and prevent us from spending too much time in the drive-through.

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