Stress? What Holiday Stress?


We had a little media response to our recent survey on holiday stress experience by moms this weekend with a mention in the Vancouver Sun by columnist Shelley Fralic, who wrote a great piece on gift-giving and used some of the data from our survey in her story. Minnow was also interviewed on Victoria’s CFAX radio, sharing some of our holiday stress saving tips, which made me think we should share those tips here too (since you probably didn’t get a copy of our press release). So without further ado, some holiday stress-busting tips for you:

  • Make it a potluck: If you are hosting the big holiday meal, offer to cook the bird and ask everyone else to bring one side dish. Your job is the easiest as long as you pop it in the oven in time. Take advantage of the time freed up from making side dishes to spend some time outside with the kids.
  • Shop in multiples: when you find a gift you like that will suit many different recipients, such as a special box of chocolates or an eco-chic reusable water bottle, shop in bulk (and check things off your list in bulk).
  • Simplify your décor: the more you put up, the more you have to put away. Focus the décor on high impact areas of your house such as the front hall. Keep a few of the special decorations the children have made over the years as they will enjoy opening them up every season.
  • Block off some time: make sure you’ve kept space in the family calendar for some relaxing activities such as a movie night, a holiday hike, a drive to see holiday lights around town or family cookie baking and decorating, and protect this time. It’s OK to say no to a party invitation.


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