Dress for Success


Kids’ snowsuits. Check. Boots. Check. Hats, scarves, mitts. Check, check, check. You’re so good at this they’re probably wearing thermal underwear too. So, what could you have possibly forgotten?
Yourself, that’s what. Never mind the pressure of being a good example. It’s really hard to stay “chilled” while you’re chilled.

Now that winter and Winterlude’s upon us, days full of great outdoor adventures have arrived but nobody’s going to have fun if the expedition leader (that’s you) is cold. So check out our must-wear items to make sure you’re turned out right for all your sub-zero exploits.

A Hat
Why? Because bad hair days just don’t matter under a great hat. Oh yeah, and up to 40 per cent of your body heat is lost from your head.
Our recommendations: Fleece or fleece-lined to prevent itchy-forehead syndrome. Covering ears is also critical—thank goodness for toques!
Head to Bushtukah for a great selection of styles from sporty to girly.

A Scarf
Why? Because no matter how warm your winter mom uniform is (you know what we mean—that soft and cushy three-quarter-length black padded parka), it won’t do a thing for you if there’s a wind tunnel forming in your neck region. Throw some colour around your face to offset the frozen rosy cheeks (also called rosacea by your aesthetician).
Our recommendations: We know you have a drawer full—just remember to wear one!

Why? Because you will have to kneel on the ice to tighten skate laces. Because you will have to sit in a snowbank to eat your beavertail. (Because you will be eating a beavertail regardless of your resolutions.)
Our recommendations: Just wear them. Forget the fashion police today.
To find your perfect combination of style and warmth check out the latest in ski and snowboard wear at Tommy & Lefebvre.


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