Fall for Chelsea

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

It’€™s time for a day trip.
Pick a sunny day and head for the hills’€”near Chelsea, Quebec, that is. Here’€™s our advice on where to hike, eat, play and shop on your day trip to this atmospheric village near Ottawa.

Start with some exercise so you can work up an appetite and do what (let’€™s face it) you came here to do: sit and admire the spectacular natural scenery. Since this is just the first of several Chelsea activities, we’€™re sending you to the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre on Scott Road to start. An easy trail leads from here into the woods, plus you’€™ll have a chance to pick up a trail map, use the indoor washrooms and check out exhibits at the centre.

Chances are you brought snacks, but the family will eventually need a real meal, which is why you’€™re dropping into delicious and family-friendly Cheezy Luigi’€™s Pizza, right in the centre of the village. If what you need is either a hot pick-me-up beverage, or a cold happy-hour one instead, try Les Saisons Coffee House or the Chelsea Pub.

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