Kitchen Confidential


Coach: one who instructs or trains.
Kitchen: a domestic space where daily meal rituals often leave moms feeling overwhelmed and uninspired.

Wondering what one has to do with the other? Luckily for us, not all coaches hang around stinky locker rooms. Some hang out in the centre of the family home’€”the kitchen. And when it comes to culinary confidence, this is one coach you’ll want in your corner.

Your Kitchen Coach helps solve the kitchen quandaries we all face. Learn how to prepare and cook a well-timed meal; find out which of your kitchen tools are inadequate or unnecessary (hint: the untouched pasta maker can probably go) or discover how to host a dinner party for twelve without wanting to skip town beforehand. If you lack confidence in your planning, and/or skills in the kitchen, Anne Bergman of Your Kitchen Coach can help.

An initial phone consultation will lead to a two-hour meeting at your home (kitchen consultations are $150 for two hours), where Bergman will take stock of your ‘€˜kitchen life’€™ and how it works with your real life. She’€™ll open up cupboards and pantries, understand the flow’€”or lack of’€”when you cook, and learn about your lifestyle and food habits. In short, she’€™ll get intimate with you in the kitchen. Bergman can also help with menu planning for your busy lifestyle, so that offering healthy meals in the limited time between after-school homework and leaving for hockey practice is possible.

If you’€™ve just moved into a new home, or are renovating your current kitchen and want to know how things should flow, ask Anne. If you’€™re tired of annoying kitchen co-habitation issues with your spouse, are struggling to manage multiple dietary plans, or you want a more efficient way of keeping a shopping list, it all boils down to knowing when you need some advice. Enter Your Kitchen Coach.

You won’€™t be convinced to love an outdated kitchen, or even cooking itself, but if you’€™re feeling unfulfilled in the culinary heart of your home, it is possible to live your best kitchen life with the help of a marvelous meal mentor.

Then you’€™ll really be cooking. Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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