Fill Your Cup


We’ll get right to the point…you need a new bra and you need to make sure it fits well. A great bra will not only help you look slimmer, stand taller, and improve your posture, it will give you a boost where (and when) you need one the most.
That’s right, ladies, getting “the girls” professionally fitted is incredibly important, yet many of us simply don’t bother.

That is, until we found the experts at Marianne’s Lingerie Boutique at Westgate Mall.

Staff at Marianne’s approach a bra fitting in a very knowledgeable (yet hands-off) kind of way. A sales associate meets you in a private fitting room, sizes you up (they don’t use a tape measure!), and like a true consultant, expertly assesses what style you’re looking for and what kind of support you need. And then they’ll bring you as many bras as it takes until you find the right one.


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