The end of summer is traditionally all about the harvest, which means sharing good food and wine with family and friends. We think there’s no better place to do that than Preston Street (aka Little Italy), a great destination for a family-friendly walkabout.
At one of the fab new restaurants featuring all kinds of international flavours—from sushi at Kiko to fish ‘n’ chips at the Heart & Crown. If you happen to be there at the right time, check out Stoneface Dolly’s for brunch too. But when in Rome, sometimes we do as the Romans do, and we pay a visit to Simply Biscotti. Grab a seat on the patio if the weather cooperates (because it gets crowded indoors). Panini sandwiches are deliciously inexpensive (Hot Italian, Roasted Veg, Ham and Swiss), but it’s the desserts that really capture our hearts: Red Velvet cupcakes, creamy cannoli to die for, and flaky custard-filled pastries…the perfect foil to our perfect latte. (Not that we ate all three at once. No ma’am.)

For hardware at Preston Hardware, a fabulous bathroom and plumbing store. One side is all about hardware; the other is a bathroom design centre with rows of gorgeous sinks, faucets, and dreamy bathtubs.


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