Movie Magic


One of our happiest childhood memories is going to the drive-in with our parents, clad in our footed-pjs while watching Star Wars in the back of the wood-paneled station wagon and falling asleep on the drive home. It seemed so epic at the time.
If you’re looking to recreate this experience, take a road trip to the Port Elmsley Drive-In Theatre located between Perth and Smiths Falls.

It’s a very easy and fun family outing, the kind of experience you won’t forget. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Movies start at dusk. If you arrive a bit early (and we suggest you do!) follow the signs to nearby Beveridges Lock to stretch your legs and do a bit of boat-watching before you head in.

Bring cash. The good news is that going to the drive-in is easy on the wallet. Admission for children age five and under is free—for kids age 6–12, it’s only $2. Just remember that Port Elmsley does not accept debit or credit, so bring cash!


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