Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to December


No more frowning at the holiday music in the grocery store. December will be here in five days and you’ll want to embrace and enjoy all the excitement of the season. Here are our top tips to help you do just that.
Something for yourself this month while you are out and about.
Why? A haircut, a blow dry or even a massage (how indulgent) before a festive party will make you feel good.

To the Mayor’s Ninth Annual Christmas Celebration at Lansdowne Park, Sunday, December 13 from 1 – 5 pm.
Why? This fun-filled celebration will include a visit with Santa, crafts in Santa’s workshop, story telling with Mrs. Claus, live music and entertainment, plus some tasty treats including BeaverTails, Papa Jack Popcorn and more.

Something to keep him in place from Saxx.
Why? Because they fit his form, and they are the hot product this season for men.

Sardines. It doesn’t sound very festive, but it’s fun when you have lots of kids around.
Why? It’s the reverse of hide and seek—one person hides and the rest look for him. Players count to 100 while one child hides. The search party then breaks up and looks for ‘it’ (the hidden child). As each player finds ‘it’ they squeeze (like sardines) into the hiding space until the spot is jammed with kids. The last kid to find the hiding place gets to start a new game by hiding first.


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