Paint, Hang or Stick


Fingerprints, ketchup smudges, crayon scribbles and, later, first names and absent-minded doodles surreptitiously scrawled in pencil. All of them cute enough in their own way—but art, they are not.
When you’ve had your fill of gazing at junior’s misplaced experiments in graphic design, hose down the wall and bring in the experts. A new trend towards customized wall art is making nursery and kids’ room décor refreshingly fun. Gone are the days of plastering the place with tedious wallpaper prints and matching borders. Today’s choices range from creative stick-on (removable) art to custom wall murals—so get creative!

A Child’s Dream is an Ottawa business run by Chris Marion, a graphic artist who creates personalized wall murals, accessories, paintings, bedding and draperies, and more. Her motto is: “If you can imagine it, we can create it!” If your imagination typically has more potential than your wallet, fear not—consultations are free, and prices depend on scale and complexity.

Animal lovers should check out Melanie Bailey Creations. Melanie’s reasonably priced paintings of farm and safari animals make extraordinarily original shower gifts. Paintings are acrylic on canvas, come in three sizes, and range in price from $25 (for a set of four six-by-six paintings) to $78 (for a 16-by-20 canvas). You can choose from 12 different animal designs and infinite colour combinations.


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