Picky No More


Mealtime with toddlers is not quite what we imagined family life to be like before we had children.
If meal times make you despair, or your child is going through his ‘I only eat food that’s white’ phase, help is here with TummyThyme, an Ottawa company that specializes in solutions for parents who are anxious about what and how to feed their children.

TummyThyme is run by registered dieticians Melanie Roet and Brandy McDevitt, a couple of savvy moms themselves. Their maxim is that establishing healthy eating habits early on can help a child develop good habits for life.

Their interactive workshops explore topics like how to start feeding your baby, transitioning to texture and table foods, and coping with picky eaters. Dreading the looming back-to-school lunch-making nightmare? School lunch workshops will be held in late-August and in September.


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