Playing Around (and Around)


For a little kid, visiting a new playground is the adult equivalent of a trip to Bora Bora: it’s exciting, sandy, and there’s much to be discovered. But fortunately a playground is a much easier and cheaper kind of adventure, isn’t it?
Just in time for summer, here are a few of our favourite playgrounds we think might be worth the drive, if they’re not in your backyard.

There’s a lot to see at Andrew Hayden Park. It’s one big lovely view. First of all, it’s right on the river. There are meandering pathways, boats on the water, and the requisite amount of wildlife…but don’t worry, it doesn’t get much wilder than geese and groundhogs. The play structure with water features is a big attraction here as well and particularly welcome on a hot day.

Good to know: Bring a towel and change of clothes for the kids, and waterproof foot attire for mom. There are charcoal BBQs here too so spend the day and bring a picnic. (Carling Avenue at Holly Acres Road)

An informal survey resulted in Brewer Park receiving two (albeit very grimy!) thumbs up. Who knew there was an oasis right next to Bronson Avenue? This place is kid heaven, with plenty of grassy open spaces and playgrounds for children of all ages.


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