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Look west. A chinook is rolling off the mountains to bring sizzling summer days from Vancouver. But wait…it’s also carrying two hip new stores to upscale the Calgary shopping landscape.
The first to open doors is fun and glamorous, Peridot. Located on the now trendy home décor strip in the Beltline (think, Electric Ave in the 1990s), Peridot is a girl’s dream come true. The store is overflowing with pretty pleasures like gorgeous mirrored table cubes, modern white leather sofas and shapely sand hourglasses.

Local artists design contemporary pieces to compliment mid-century modern, art deco and renewed antiques. Calgary owner Dawn Bollinger has managed to balance Peridot’s masculine and feminine sides. While there is enough Marilyn Monroe-esque décor at Peridot to fill your perfect princess pad, lift up the accessories to reveal clean-lined foundations.

Reserve this shopping experience to some much-coveted alone or girlfriend time (i.e. leave your 2 year old at home). And don’t worry if you think it’s all too pretty to fit into your idea of ‘family-friendly’. Peridot founder Tamara Wouters assures us that kids can be taught to respect our beautiful things. Her two boys, aged 3 and 6, have grown up surrounded by still intact glass mirrors.

After you’ve picked up your dazzling scalloped-edge mirror, dress yourself up in some clingy yoga wear and admire your own reflection. There’s something about good quality yoga wear that flatters every figure. Not to mention it can travel from gym to coffee shop to girls-night seamlessly.

So put off that buying trip to the west coast and check out the new shopping opportunities in your home town. Your reflection will be your reward.

(403) 237-6890
101-638 11th Ave S.W.


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