Green Your Scene


The birds are busy nesting, and so are the humans. Whether it’s washing your dirty windows, painting the living room, or even adding an extension, spring is the time to do it.
In this eco-age, fixing up the homestead doesn’t mean relying on your old fashioned cleaning toxins to get the job done. At GreenWorks Building Supply, newly arrived at 8th and Yukon in Vancouver, you’ll find all kinds of sustainable building products you and your family can feel good about. GreenWorks co-owner Alistair Moore was displaying some of the company’s materials recently, and it was all this Savvy Scout could do not to rush home and start renovating that very evening.

You’ll love the colours offered up by YOLO Colorhouse, a company that produces washable, zero-emission paints (none of those volatile organic compounds to stink up your home and attack the ozone layer). YOLO has just released a new line called Little YOLO, a special palette for nurseries and kids’ rooms. You can audition the colours by bringing home a poster-sized swatch that you can affix to your walls with repositionable tape—and once you’ve approved your colour, the poster makes great wrapping paper! It takes all the guesswork out of paint picking, without resorting to the mess and waste of pint-sized paint samples.

While you’re browsing, you can check out the 100% natural carpeting made by Nature’s Carpet, and have a look at some amazing products such as PaperStone’s solid-surface countertops made from cashew nut shells and compressed paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled.


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