Playing Around


We’ll let YOU be the judge as to whether it’s worth the drive to Acton.
But what we can weigh in on is some playgrounds around town that we think are worth making a special trip to, even if they’re not in your own backyard so to speak.

So pack up the snacks, get the brood in the car and head out on your own playground discovery tour. There are some great spots out there to mix up your routine and sometimes, we find, a change is as good as a rest.

Sherwood Park
Why We Like It: Something about the name makes us think of Robin Hood and his band of merry thieves, and when you make your way down into the ravine, Toronto seems many miles away.
Don’t Miss: The wading pool with its giant water-spraying bulrushes and fish and the nature trails along the stream.
Good to Know: In July and August, Sherwood Park is full of summer campers so avoid weekdays from 9 to 3 pm or so for a more restful experience.
Getting There: Park at the entrance at the end of Sherwood Avenue or Stibbard Ave., south of Lawrence turning east off Mt Pleasant.

High Park
Why We Like It: Kids love the trackless train that travels along a nine-station circuit through the park from spring to autumn. We love it too as it allows us to cover a little more ground than we would on foot (Adults $4, children $2, children under 2 are free).
Don’t Miss: The 10,000 square foot playground, shaped like a castle, turrets and all, with its dedicated fenced-off area for smaller children (and parents’ peace of mind too) and the High Park Zoo on Deer Pen Road which dates back to 1890 when deer were kept in the park.
Good to Know: Cash only accepted for the train ticket so bring along a stash. For more scoop on the park, visit
Getting There: The High Park subway station is right by the main entrance and one of the trackless train stops. Remember that on Sundays and holidays the park can only be accessed by the Bloor Street entrance


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