Pocket-Change Pursuits


Already blown your summer amusement budget on holidays, camps, museums, zoos and swimming lessons? That’s why we thought we’d share a few of our secrets (they’re free) for kid-friendly activities around Ottawa.
First is our simple strategy of “making ordinary fun more fun”. That is, think of the free things you already do that are fun, and do them somewhere else—just for the novelty. If your kids like to spend a whole morning at the playground, check out a different playground in the next neighbourhood. If they like wading pools, try a different one, or a splash pad.

Visit your local branch of the Ottawa Public Library and check out the library programs to find out what free events, workshops or story hours may be taking place at your branch this week.

Head downtown to Parliament Hill to watch the ceremonial parade and changing of the guard every morning at 10 am. You can explore the grounds, meet a Mountie, tour Parliament Hill with help from site interpreters, and check out the view from the Peace Tower.


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