Saying Thanks


It’s been said that a little note goes a long way and we couldn’t agree more. Despite our undying love and obvious attachment to electronic messaging (particularly email newsletters), we still have a great appreciation for the written word.
We’re especially fond of words that are written in ink, by hand, onto paper, our favourite flavour being the thank-you card. You can’t deny the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you receive a nice one in the mail.

For kids, thank-you notes provide an easy way to encourage the art of appreciation. Teaching them to sit down for more than 10 seconds and write the words ‘thank you’ is more than an etiquette lesson—it reinforces the concept of gratitude. That’s something we could all use a dose of these days.

For a DIY project at home, use a bright and cheery picture the kids drew, fold it to an appropriate card size and sign whatever they are capable of on the inside. It will definitely put a smile on grandma’s face, and it’s an easy alternative to the traditional thank-you card.


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