Fully Baked, No Nuts

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

We’ve all had our share of baking drama over the years (burnt cookies, anyone?), but add the very real concern of life-threatening nut allergies and finding safe home-baked goods can be a more serious challenge.
Luckily for Toronto parents, we can simply walk through the doors of Two Moms Baked Goods, a nut-free and kosher bakery, recently relocated to Eglinton West near Bathurst.

Owner and ‘chief brownie maker’ Caroline Davis, a mother of small children herself, offers homemade sweet solutions for our no-nuts world. Think cookies, mini-tarts, cheesecakes, marble brownies, key lime bars and much, much more. Some of their products come pre-packaged and have a longer shelf life (try their delicious and surprisingly low-calorie and low-fat oatmeal double chocolate chip cookies).

Besides their retail location offerings, Two Moms Baked Goods also offers birthday parties, camps and PD day classes. You might also find a small selection of their popular goods at well-loved establishments like Pusateri’s and Summerhill Market.

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