New Year, New Activities

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Feel like mixing things up a bit so your kids can try a new activity? Here are two excellent after-school programs for kids wanting some hands-on creativity or some skill development in sports.
Crafty is the heart and soul of Renee Sala—a potter, artist, teacher and lover of the crafts. Renee has set up shop in her funky basement studio offering programs for kids of all ages. What’s unique about these programs is just how hands-on they are. Your child will be on the pottery wheel, creating a pinch pot, making a weaving arrangement with wool and sticks, beading and learning some basic facts about glazing—all in a single class.

Renee prides herself in teaching kids tricks of the trade that they can take home and do themselves, or teach to younger siblings. Her love of teaching all things crafty comes through with her infectious enthusiasm and sunny disposition. Crafty offers a variety of after-school programs, as well as Pro-D day camps, spring break camps, and birthday parties.

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